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40 km from the Relais Tenuta del Gallo



Todi rises imposingly within its Etruscan, Roman and medieval city walls, overlooking a breathtaking valley. Must to visit the splendid Piazza del Popolo, on which stands the City Hall complex formed by the People’s Palace (which houses the Lapidary Museum, the Art Gallery and the Etruscan Roman Museum ), the Palace of the Captain and Palazzo dei Priori. Also worth a visit is the Cathedral built in the twelfth century over the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo; the Church of St. Fortunato (XIII century), where there is the tomb of Jacopone from Todi and a fresco by Masolino da Panicale; the Church of St. Mary of Consolation.

Todi is 38 Km from Amelia and can be reached via the E45 towards Perugia, exit Todi. From Todi it is also possible to go to Orvieto which is only 30 km along the SS448 close the Lake of Corbara.