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Who we are


At Tenuta del Gallo we practice the art of hospitality, in a way that  combines familiarity, discretion and elegance. A friendly, welcoming attitude is part of our family history, with its intact southern roots and the memories of feasts and banquets that were once celebrated in the family gatherings. We wanted to bring here this way of welcoming, so that our guests could feel at  home, in a private and intimate atmosphere.
The décor and furniture belong to our family, handed down from  generation to generation. We love beautiful things, old furniture and Flemish  paintings, silks and brocades, four-poster beds and Persian rugs, marble and  stucco, ornate ceilings and fireplaces; we love roses and hydrangeas, fountains and Florentine vases, so we decided to bring here everything we love, to love it even more and share it with you.

At Tenuta del Gallo you will also experience waking up and falling asleep with the singing of birds, and you might discover a hoopoe that nested in the trunk of an olive tree, right next to your dining table.

Here we consider the respect for nature as one of our fundamental principles. We have photovoltaic panels, solar panels and a water purification system, and we do our best to preserve this unspoiled breathtaking environment, so that every year, when spring comes, the hoopoe, the ladybugs, the fireflies, the goldfinches and the bees can renew the life and beauty of our Italian countryside.

When you arrive, please ring the bell by the main gate, which is kept closed, just like in a private house, but we always leave the entrance door open. You will be welcomed by the non-formal and relaxed smile of our family members.