Is it safe to travel in Umbria? It is.

Umbria is currently classified as a low risk region.

Umbria is the healthiest region in Italy, with the highest number of recovered people compared to the infected, a few patients are currently positive, no new positive for days, no outbreak of contagion.

Since the beginning of the epidemic Umbria has had just 1,400 cases and is classified as the second region of Central-Northern Italy with least number of cases.

From 3 June the transit to and from Umbria is regular.

Wich precautions the Umbrian health system has taken to protect its residents and guests? The Umbria Region ensures the continuous connection to the national health authorities and the regional health sanitary institutions.

Umbria is the Regions that has purchased more tampons respecting the resident population. The situation is constantly monitored by local health authorities that provide specific prevention measures  and are able to guarantee health control.